Employee Journeys

Employee Journey Mapping

No company can be “great” or deliver memorable customer experiences without highly engaged and productive employees.  Yet 70% of employees self-report that they are “not engaged”.  Companies have invested $10 Billion over the last decade to improve this – and the results haven’t changed at all.  They are left with underperforming employees, high employee attrition and low employee satisfaction scores. 

The solution? Employee Journey Mapping.

Just as customer journey mapping opened up new insights to deliver higher revenues and retention in addition to lower acquisition and support costs, employee journey mapping can delivery higher productivity, improved employee retention and lower recruiting costs. 

Key employee roles are identified, “employee experience” journeys are mapped and their pain points and “moments of truth” highlighted.  In addition, the “journey overlap” of their internal experience and the “customer experience” and isolated to make sure that internal improvements are directly linked to improvements in the customer experience.

The result: 

  • More productive employees, lower employee attrition and better customer experiences. 
  • Higher Employee engagement scores, improved customer CSAT /NPS scores and stronger business results 
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