Net Promoter Score NPS / Customer Loyalty

While every company was founded to serve customers, the importance of being customer-centric is more important today than ever before. With NetPromoter Score rapidly becoming the established measurement for customer loyalty and empirically linked to profitable growth, it is "The One number you need to grow your business".

As a Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Tucker has faced the decisions required to make the investments to create loyal customers – and ensure that the ROI of the programs were fully realized. In doing so, he generated positive NPS improvements and grew net income by over $40MM in the first year and won marketing awards for the programs. He is NetPromoter certified and works with leading companies to define and lead their NPS / Customer Loyalty programs to drive growth and profitability.

Driving Breakthrough Growth & Profitability through Customer Loyalty

Improve Revenue and Promoters – Delivering a great customer experience has been proven to improve account revenue by 50% or more and build a loyal base of customers that accelerates growth for years to come.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs – discover how to reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 75% by focusing on target customers, messaging and customer loyalty.

Create Promoters in your Customer base – Identify which of your customers are true promoters, what makes promoters and how to find, service and nurture customers like them to become promoters. Create scalable ways to amplify the voices of promoters to generate buzz, positive brand awareness and referrals.

Reduce Customer Servicing Costs & Detractors – streamlining the friction points of the current customer experience (online and offline) not only takes cost and quality problems out of the work, but improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. Find what is causing Detractors and make immediate adjustments to turn them into Promoters.

Voice of the Customer programs – Getting the voice of your customers into your product design, marketing, sales and service plans is not just as the "table-stakes" for earning their business, but essential to being the leader in your industry. The benefits: Products get developed faster (and better), marketing programs have more impact and customers can directly see your operational changes.

Consulting Services

NPS Audit – Profile and assess existing efforts to capture Voice of the Customer, satisfaction and loyalty information as well as programs, efforts and processes to deliver the target customer experience to priority customer segments. Develop an action plan to address gaps between existing efforts and data required to deliver the target customer experience.

Customer Journey Mapping – Develop a 360-degree view of the customer experience, including messaging, face-to-face, phone, mobile and web interactions. Map the customer experience from awareness-to-referral, spotlighting friction points and "Detractor-drivers". Spotlight the key areas requiring immediate attention to eliminate "pain points" and impact your Detractors immediately.

NPS Measurement, Benchmarking and Program ROI – Develop a measurement approach for all businesses and customer segments. Collect, normalize and analyze the data, comparing the results to internal, industry and best-in-class benchmarks critical to setting targets. Determine profitability of customer segments, promoters and detractors in order to develop program ROI.

NPS Program Roadmap design and mobilization – Create an NPS program Roadmap, with prioritized projects to grow promoters, reduce detractors and generate measurable financial and operational results quickly. A multi-phased deployment plan delivers results early and often, optimizing ROI and building sustainability.

NPS Program Leadership – Mobilizing and guiding the cross-functional effort to deliver the NPS Roadmap in terms of marketing messages, process improvements, technology implementation, product / service changes and front-line engagement. Putting the overall program leadership and governance in place to achieve fast-paced decisions, maximum senior executive commitment and proactive change management to achieve on-time delivery, under-budget execution and higher-than-target results.

Case Studies

  • Driving Growth and Profitability through Customer Loyalty – the $100 Million question
  • Building Customer Relationships & Loyalty – Cross-selling and Increasing share of wallet
  • Customer Loyalty Portfolio – Creating and managing the programs required to drive customer loyalty and improved NPS
  • The CX PMO – Driving progress and results
  • NPS Improvement for technology firms
  • B2B NPS Improvement
  • B2C NPS Improvement

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