Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Experience is the new Brand. It is well know that a company’s brand is "the sum of all the interactions a customer has with that company" - not a logo, an ad campaign or a tagline. If your company is not delivering a compelling brand message to every target customer in every channel- in a consistent manner - it is not in control of its brand. Simple, but not easy.

Greg Tucker has been leading the designing and transformation of customer experiences for more than 20 years, from branch/retail operations and fast-food restaurants to online auctions and ecommerce businesses. Clients include Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, PepsiCo, Taco Bell and dozens of other leading corporations in the financial services, manufacturing, technology, transportation, pharmaceutical, entertainment and computer services industry. As a corporate executive himself, he served as Chief Marketing Officer responsible for the design of the customer and brand experience across all channels – mobile, website, internet, phone and retail. As a Management Committee member, he led the implementation of those experiences to generate revenue and profit growth at 2x-3x the previous rate.


Creating Breakthrough Customer Experience - Services

    Customer Journey Mapping - Creating a consistent customer experience starts with understanding the current experience – across all channels (website, social media, mobile, contact center and in-store) and identifying inconsistencies in the brand message, friction points and opening up opportunities to improve the customer experience that will open up new revenue opportunities. Applying Voice-of-the-Customer feedback to the map to bring the experience to life in order to rally the entire enterprise to around the customer.  Email us to get samples of our Customer Journey maps.

    Persona Development - Creating clear and specific Personas is essential to all UX or CX efforts - leading to faster development of customer journeys and digital experiences - on your website, mobile or social platforms.  Our vast experience with Persona development and validation can accelerate your CX improvement efforts and build a customer-centric company at the same time.

    Customer Experience Benchmarking and Best Practices – Compare your customer experience with top companies that your customers already use and compare you to. Use best practices to inform your redesign and leverage benchmark information to support the business case for your Customer Experience improvement effort.

    CXROI Simulator – Every CX program needs a business case, but less than 1 in 20 actually has one.  Our CXROI Simulator directly links CX programs and projects to critical CX metrics and enterprise business results.  Global companies are using to tool not just to build their business case, but as a management tool to project CX and business results impact each month, every year and optimize their project portfolio.  Email us to schedule a demo at

    Customer Experience Strategy– Define the customer experience strategy that will accelerate customer-driven revenue and profit growth and link it to critical strategic initiatives and goals. Design the 360-degree customer experience for each customer segment and channel to bring the strategy to life, and ensure a consistent experience / brand strategy across all channels. Define product and service changes required to make the customer experience differentiated and power the economic engine of the enterprise.

    Customer Experience Program Planning & Leadership – Move from the design phase to the implementation phase boldly and quickly by creating the “Waves of change” Release Plan to impact the customer experience in the first 30-60 days, then the 3-6 months after that, and then the final improvements to turn Vision into reality. The plan not only breaks down the changes by customer segment and delivery channel, but justifies the investment with a business case that delivers value early and often. Program leadership and governance is put in place to keep progress, sponsorship and momentum high throughout the life of the program, and monitors and reports early successes to support enterprise change.

    Employee Experience Design and Brand Strategy Activation – Employees are the front-line of Brand Advocates and should be mobilized to deliver the first wave of customer experience transformation. Understanding the brand experience from the employee perspective – the employee brand experience – highlight the critical elements that support the new brand strategy – and the barriers in delivering the new customer experience. Redefining the employee experience to ensure it drives your the customer experience is critical to fast and powerful execution – and sustainable results.

Case studies available

  • Customer Experience Transformation in Financial Services
  • Customer Experience Transformation in ecommerce
  • CX ROI Simulator in Action
  • Customer Journey Map examples – B2C
  • Customer Journey Map examples – B2B
  • Persona Examples & Development
  • CX PMO Approach
For more information on these services or to request a copy of one of these case studies, please send us an email to
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