Business Process Transformation

Greg Tucker has been designing and implementing best-in-class business processes for Fortune 1000 companies for over 20 years. Working closely with Dr. Michael Hammer and James Champy beginning in 1991, he has guided senior executives and Fortune 1000 clients to transform their core business processes – and their market and financial performance. Clients included AT&T, GE, Merck, Astra-Zeneca, Roche/Genentech, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, PepsiCo, Weyerhaeuser and dozens of other leading corporations in the financial services, manufacturing, technology, transportation, pharmaceutical, entertainment and services industry. As a corporate executive himself, he served as the Chief Process Officer for AAA, Clorox and Copart, serving on the Management Committee of two of these companies.

Driving Breakthrough Results

  • Reduce Costs – process costs have been reduced in hundreds of core processes by 20% - 70%, turning unprofitable services into profitable services, enabling revenue growth and driving net income increases
  • Improve Quality – process quality is typically improved by 50% - 90% by eliminating defects at the source using root cause analysis and proven quality improvement programs. High-quality processes mean significant reductions in rework, servicing costs and customer complaints as well as increases in employee productivity, customer loyalty and repeat revenue.
  • Accelerate Cycle Time – streamlining processes not only takes cost and quality problems out of the work, but speeds the process from end-to-end. Products get developed faster (and better), marketing programs get executed faster, strategic and operational changes get implemented across the enterprise faster and more consistently – making your company the most successful and agile in its industry.
  • Business Process Management – Improving processes is just half the equation in being an Operational Excellence leader: maintaining them at best-in-class levels of performance is the other half the challenge – through Business Process Management (BPM). BPM requires new approaches to making strategic investments, monitoring and reporting results, leadership roles and governing bodies. BPM isn’t a new information system, it is the new way of managing for the 21st century.

Consulting Services

  • Business Process Audit/Assessment – Assessing the existing performance and maturity of Business Processes as well as critical elements of the Enterprise that supports a culture of process improvement. Using a proven Maturity Model assessment compares your maturity to best-in-class benchmarks and best practices. Developing an action plan to improve business process maturity and performance in the key areas critical to delivering on strategic goals and financial targets.
  • Business Process Transformation Planning – Developing an Enterprise Process Model, linking Enterprise strategies and Business Process priorities, sequencing Process transformation efforts to deliver results early and often. Creating the ROI for Process Transformation.
  • Business Process Redesign – Developing a new vision for the business process, with performance improvements of 30% - 70% in cost, defects, cycle time and customer complaints. Creating a sequenced deployment plan that accelerates results and optimizes ROI.
  • Business Process Transformation Program Leadership – Mobilizing the cross-functional effort to put the process redesigns in place, ensuring critical scope, automation, integration and sequencing decisions are made and put into action. Structuring the overall program leadership and governance to achieve fast-paced decisions, maximum senior executive commitment and proactive change management to achieve on-time delivery, under-budget execution and higher-than-target results. Proactive program reviews and interventions to minimize program risk.

Case studies available

  • The Process Audit – HBR reprint
  • The ROI for Business Process Transformation – how your Business Process the 300% ROI question.
  • Business Process Governance – Driving ROI + bigger, faster, better results – with 30% less investment
  • Process-driven Change Management – Leading Change during Process Transformation and managing the Portfolio of Change activities
  • Strategic Process Planning – Selecting and mobilizing the most critical process changes for your enterprise
  • Process Transformation in Financial Services
  • Process Transformation in ecommerce
For more information on these services or to request a copy of one of these case studies, please send us an email to
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